Invisible Partner

Playing Full Out

I hear a common theme among personal development and business coaches these days:  Play Full Out!  What does that mean to you?  I believe it means bringing all of who you are and what you have to work with to whatever you are doing.  It sounds easy, so what holds us back?  Here’s a short list to choose from…fear that I won’t be good enough, fear that I’ll be rejected, fear that I’ll fail, fear that people will expect things I can’t deliver, fear that I will succeed.   Notice the common element?  FEAR!

So fear is a bad thing, right?  Not necessarily.  It depends on how we react to it.  The meaning we choose to attach to an experience is the meaning we create. If we focus on the circumstances or what could happen, we’ll probably become immobilized as we see God in the shadow of our problems (if at all).    Fortunately, that’s not our only option.  If we choose to concentrate on who God says we are give our attention to what His grace empowers us to do, then our circumstances will pale in the light of His Presence and we will receive the gift of fear — wisdom.

Does that mean I will never fail or be rejected?  No, it mean that failure does not have to derail us.  How can the same situation impact two people in very different ways?  Because what we believe influences our response.  If what you are thinking is getting in the way of your success, you are not alone…and there’s help!  During our weekly call, we talk about practical ways to transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  Join us (link to registration for call)

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